Cake "Chess"

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Exquisite sponge cake with curd cream! This cake I did to her grandson, who went the first time in first class, but he's a big fan to play chess. The contest "School time" This is my first recipe, do not judge strictly.

Ingredients for Cake "Chess"

Step by step instruction of cooking Cake "Chess"

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Yolks with half the sugar and vanilla Sahara shall pound white wooden spoon or mixer.

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Proteins will beat into a soft mousse with the other half sugar in tight foam.

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Tight whipped protein with a wooden spoon-in any case not with a mixer-gently mix with the mashed egg yolk. The sifted flour mix with cocoa and starch and add to the yolks, gently stir with a wooden spoon.

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Put the dough in a detachable form (at the bottom of the form to lay wax paper)and put to bake at 180 degrees for 25-30 minutes (until dry sticks)

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Here is our cake is ready! Allow it to cool. Biscuit base cut into three layers and each layer pour the liqueur. Layers of chocolate sponge cake with different sized plates and saucers will have plenty of rings of different diameter. The lower solid layer smear cream, put it the big ring (the size of a lower layer)and put a little cream. Larger and smaller ring put alternately, and the spaces between them fill with cream.

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Make the cream. Milk, cheese, sugar and lemon zest and orange in a water bath we are gonna wipe the foam (I did blenderm)Gelatin soak in cold water, when it swells, squeeze, soluble in a small quantity of warm water and together with the whipped cream mix in cottage cheese.

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This is in the context.

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