Cake "School years"

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.... in every human heart school leaves an insane amount of memories.. and this cake is as bright leaf, swirling in an autumn waltz, let me remind You of high SCHOOL YEARS.. first teacher...buns in the dining room, smelling of honey... high school friends...joyful anticipation of change and the holidays... and the same sweet expectation of meeting with classmates after a long summer of separation.. tart honey fancy cakes... a bright touch of light orange cream...delicate airiness of cherry-chocolate cream.. At first on a bright September day I Timidly entered under the light arches. The first teacher and the first lesson - So start high school. School years wonderful, With friendship, with a book, a song for the contest "School time"

Ingredients for Cake "School years"

Step by step instruction of cooking Cake "School years"

Шаг 1

in a fireproof bowl put the honey, margarine, sugar and a little vanilla (for flavor), put on the "water bath" and cook, stirring, until the margarine is completely dissolved, then add baking soda and eggs(3pcs), mixed well and cook for a few more minutes (the mixture should turn white and increase in 2-3 times)

Шаг 2

remove from heat, add sour cream, milk, baking powder and 2 cups of flour, carefully mix well

Шаг 3

pour honey concentrate, stir, pour the remaining flour (2 cups), knead a smooth, soft, silky dough

Шаг 4

coat the baking pan with baking paper, lubricated with oil, spread the batter and cook in a preheated 200C oven for 35 minutes ("until dry matches")
ready cake to cool, so it was easy to give shape

Шаг 5

while the cake cools, prepare the orange cream:
mix eggs (2 PCs), dry cream (3st.l. "with slide"), flour (2st.l. "with slide"), a bit of vanilla (for flavor). all good whisk, to avoid lumps

Шаг 6

gradually add orange juice, constantly stirring the cream with a spoon

Шаг 7

set "water bath" and cook, until thick...
in the finished cream 30грамм add oil, stir and leave to cool

Шаг 8

prepare cherry cream:
water mixed with jam, put on fire, bring to a boil..
in a bowl, whisk whisk until smooth eggs (2 pieces), dry cream (3st.l. "with slide"), flour (2st.l. "with slide"), a bit of vanilla (for flavor)

Шаг 9

juice add gradually to egg mixture, stir, put a "water bath" and cook "until thick"

Шаг 10

in the hot cherry cream, add the butter, the chocolate, mix well and leave to cool

Шаг 11

from Korzh cut out "leaf"

Шаг 12

cut it horizontally into two Korzh...
cakes drenched in orange juice

Шаг 13

spread the cake with the orange cream, and sprinkle with cranberries

Шаг 14

scraps from the crust should crumble, mix with the remaining orange cream, add 1 Cup of cranberries, mix well

Шаг 15

put the resulting mass on the cake evenly

Шаг 16

spread cherry cream

Шаг 17

now put the second cake in the shape of a leaf and smear him good, cherry cream

Шаг 18

cake sprinkle with colored coconut

Шаг 19

Pleasant to You of appetite! :)

Шаг 20

P. S. and, of course, in the context of :)

...How quickly they fly
They are not undone ago.
Did they fly without a trace?
No, I will not forget no, never
School years...