The cake is "Always successful"

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The cake lives up to its name. Late in the evening dochechka was asked to bake her a cake. Decided to make two. One to check on grandpa. Cakes baked at night, and cream decided to make this morning. But in the morning, so too lazy to run to the store... in Short, the cream did from what was. The cake turned out very tasty. Took the recipe from the magazine "Kitchen".

Ingredients for The cake is "Always successful"

Step by step instruction of cooking The cake is "Always successful"

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Beat eggs with sugar, add sour cream,condensed milk,flour,soda,cocoa.It turns out that kind of dough. Bake 2 Korzh.But! I decided to slightly embellish the cakes.

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Before you can add cocoa to the dough took a fourth of the dough without cocoa.In the batter vylazhivat so.

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Then made a pattern.The form greased with margarine and sprinkled with semolina.Bake in preheated oven until tender.In my 20 minutes Finished cakes cool and cut in half.Oil cream and assemble the cake.

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Add half a bottle of ordinary milk and half of the banks boiled.I see that two of cake is not enough.From a glass of milk boil thick semolina and connect with the first part of the cream.In the process of whipping with a mixer cream gently exfoliates.:-(

Шаг 5

Try not to get upset and peremeshivayu cakes.

Шаг 6

In order to cover the edges of the cream watery.I whipped protein and 100g.sugar.One cake was decorated with white and pineapple,the other smeared with condensed milk and sprinkled with rainbow sprinkles.

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The cake turned out very tasty.Was liked by all who tried.

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And most importantly, my beloved degustator.