Bitter peppers marinated

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The preservation time of vegetables. Gained a little bit of everything, including, and hot pepper. But it turned out that it seems everything is remade, and pepper left. Although my husband and loves to go to eat them, but not in such a quantity that I have left. So the question arose - What to do with it? I decided to marinate, let the winter also eat bitter, but pickled peppers. Maybe somebody also faced this dilemma, then take on arms this recipe...

Ingredients for Bitter peppers marinated

Step by step instruction of cooking Bitter peppers marinated

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Wash the pepper. Wash a jar and sterilized.

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The pepper to cut the long stalk. To pierce it in several places.

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Lay the prepared peppers in a jar, put salt, sugar, vinegar, and pour boiling water. Put sterilized for 15-20 min In the sterilization of pepper has changed color from green to yellowish. Roll up cover and wrap in heat.