Tomatoes green

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Canned tomatoes with the stuffing that is sure to please Your entire family

Ingredients for Tomatoes green

Step by step instruction of cooking Tomatoes green

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Carrots, hot pepper, garlic cut into cubes. "Cubes", of course, very conditionally, but not necessarily small. Then mix everything. This will be the stuffing for tomatoes. I recommend to use a green pepper to the color of the toppings was more vivid

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Finely chop greens as a salad

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In a clean jar (recipe to sterilize is not necessary) at the bottom laid the greens

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Now cut tomato

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Put in a jar

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Separately, prepare the brine.
4 three-liter jar: 5 litres water, 2 cups sugar, 1 Cup salt, 1 bottle (0.5 liters) of vinegar. Boil. Pour in jars.

Шаг 8

Cans of tomatoes and the brine sterilize for 15 min (3-liter). Ready!