Homemade bread "Muller under the hood"

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Yeah, you are probably going to tell me that nonsense under the hood? Yes, even Muller! Well, maybe Muller was just for fun, but the fact that we are ALL under the hood - not only the grain may be there, I can prove it.

Ingredients for Homemade bread "Muller under the hood"

Step by step instruction of cooking Homemade bread "Muller under the hood"

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That hour - think of the time you have enough, you boil the milk and cool it.
Knead the dough until smooth and silky bun.
Now all on mode: 45 min, allow to rise briefly to press down. 45 min. on approach and formed into kolobochek. The strap that ties behind (popochkoy, a knot or as you want) put down in the basket, well floured. Supply for proofing in a warm damp place - this can heat the oven to 50°, sprinkle the wall with water or put the bowl on the bottom with boiling water, the oven off and then put back the dough.

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Then I took a pizza pan (holes in it) and made baking paper. When the bread will podnimatsya - OS-that-birth-but to flip it on a prepared bed. Preheat oven to 220°. And the bread, or spray, or grease with water, then beat it (a terrible torture!) - for this I use chopsticks for Japanese food (by the way, I use them very multifaceted, not for food!).

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