Bread with sun-dried tomatoes and cheese

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Done as an experiment, but it turned out delicious, very porous bread. Still, homemade bread is the best. The recipe for the bread machine, but I think that in the oven like this can be done.

Ingredients for Bread with sun-dried tomatoes and cheese

Step by step instruction of cooking Bread with sun-dried tomatoes and cheese

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Tell for breadmaker LG. Put in the form: warm water, flour, then in the corners of salt, butter, mustard, ketchup, honey and in the center the yeast. Put the form in the oven. The program "Russian cook", total cooking time is 3.40. Starts immediately batch 7 min - rest 5 minutes - kneading 12 minutes. If anyone need to paint a complete cycle, write write.

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Cheese and tomato(did for this recipe, only tomatoes were the usual medium), cut into small cubes. 15 minutes after the start of work(2nd batch) the alarm sounds, you have to add cheese and tomatoes. Part scattered on the walls helped to push the lump with a spatula for frying. Make sure that the lump was not too wet and not dry. In appearance should resemble sticky dough and should be set up in a ball, while kneading.

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3.40 using get and first admire because hot and then enjoy a delicious bread. The bread turned out huge.

Bon appetit!