And again sprats. The search for the ideal

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And what they describe... Unless someone has not seen sprats? However, these homemade...

Ingredients for And again sprats. The search for the ideal

Step by step instruction of cooking And again sprats. The search for the ideal

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The process of preparing the same - the detached head at the sprats and remove with kusochkami. Yes, and the good to sort the fish into large, small fry and the bulk medium size

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The bottom of the pot put thin slices of onion. Stacking kylesku rovnenko Jack in the pot, largest in the middle, to better cooked, layer sprinkle a pinch of salt, crushed Bay leaf, fragrant pepper and a pinch of nutmeg and ginger. Drip sesame oil.

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The next layer of fish, I got 2 layers. Small fry to place in the gaps between those larger, smooth the surface, more salt and a pinch of salt, a drip of sesame oil. Mix the soy sauce, vermouth, and liquid smoke, pour a mixture of fish.

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Close top the fish with thin slices of onions and pour a mixture of olive or any refined vegetable oils. Cover and on fire.
As the boil - reduce the heat to very low simmer, simmer for 2-2. 5 hours.
After time to cool... But the people definitely would not stand it and start eating hot and you will get a well-deserved groans-moans and kisses. :-)