Potato baskets with feta and spinach

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Beautiful and delicious appetizer. Recipe peeped on the Internet under "Holiday table". Is done very quickly. You can put any sweet fillings in the pastry. In the original recipe it was shrimp.

Ingredients for Potato baskets with feta and spinach

Step by step instruction of cooking Potato baskets with feta and spinach

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1. Thaw the spinach (if fresh, roughly chopped), squeeze out water and fry in 1 tbsp plums. oil, mix with feta.
Potatoes peel and grate on a fine grater, add the flour, salt, pepper, herbs, butter softened. Knead the dough. Silicone in the form of 12 marvinok spread the dough, to form ledges.

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2. To decompose the depressions with the filling. Bake 30 min at 180 degrees.

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3. Allow to cool, remove carefully, maybe "dough" brittle.
Bon appetit!