Herring in mustard sauce with tarragon

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Did in the days of homemade herring with your favorite sauce. It is a mixture of sauce "Provansal" with the Romanian mustard sauce. Ran on the website - like I had ever seen. Brought my camera - and suddenly someone will like? Herring can be ready to buy, but I prefer to do mine. It does not always exactly pickled herring. I prefer to use for this purpose krasnoglazov and recommend you to try. But it is only a matter of taste.

Ingredients for Herring in mustard sauce with tarragon

Step by step instruction of cooking Herring in mustard sauce with tarragon

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The fish is marinated usual, familiar to many way. But for those who never did describe in a nutshell.
Fish should be cleaned and split into fillets. Each rump roast cut into desired pieces and put in a bowl (preferably glass), shifting each layer with onion rings and peas of pepper. Then add the Bay leaf and pour the cooled to room temperature with the marinade of water, sugar, salt and vinegar. Put in the fridge at least a day.

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When the fish is ready to eat, make the sauce. For this cooked yolks well triturated with sugar and mustard (with 1 yolk, but then I realized that I should add another).

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Then drop by drop add the vegetable oil and RUB well with a spoon. It is important not to add too much oil at a time, otherwise it will come and no force will force it to blend with the mustard into a homogeneous mass. Will have to add mustard, followed by all the rest *WALL* . Add the dried tarragon (if fresh is to put twice as much), lemon juice and salt to taste.