Hot appetizer eggplant "Mushrooms"

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The recipe was brought with a birthday, cooked 3 times on the holiday feast. Today was also an occasion to prepare. I have to say - the dish is not for those, who like spicy, though, if you want, you can add seasonings to your taste. Today I wanted to add to the dish something else, and it turned out very much!

Ingredients for Hot appetizer eggplant "Mushrooms"

Step by step instruction of cooking Hot appetizer eggplant "Mushrooms"

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1. Beat the eggs with salt and pepper, add eggplant with skin, diced (about the size of small mushrooms). Soak in egg mixture for 15 minutes.

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2. Fry the onions in butter

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3. Add the eggplant with the eggs and very quickly primesuite (scrambled us here to anything). It will take, according to my calculations, about 10 minutes

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5. I decided today to experiment and add dried pomegranate (brought from the South) and have not regretted! You can bring something of their own.

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6. Pour eggplant sour cream