Jam of Apple "amber" in caramel with white chocolate

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You know, say bye, think of it, jam! how boring... And I say: you try it! It's not boring - the taste was odd, very interesting, I'm sure everyone will love it. The more that come sharpened hard times: the battlefield is expanding, at first I fought with zucchini, now starting with apples, pumpkin (people, not restrain myself and say how in Ukrainian pumpkin is called - well, I love this "SMACNA" MOV! called the TAVERN! how are you?)... I really, arm: Vaughn bought a BARREL - a real one! will apples for the first time in my life! - watering. Straw bought... (you worried about me, huh?)

Ingredients for Jam of Apple "amber" in caramel with white chocolate

Step by step instruction of cooking Jam of Apple "amber" in caramel with white chocolate

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The next day, the apples are thrown back on a colander, pour the syrup in a bowl and boil a few minutes in boiling syrup put apples and immediately remove from heat. And so repeated a couple of times a day is drained, boil, fall asleep... the process is similar to that described above. As soon as you notice that the syrup has started to thicken, bring apples to boil in the syrup but do not boil, just leave on the hot burner.

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In the boiling syrup, add to taste lemon juice (a must!) and - choice - cinnamon, vanilla, citrus grated rind... See for yourself. I chose cinnamon and vanilla. Put the apples and give 1 (one!) once a good boil. This is possible and to finish... But I have added 100 g of white chocolate.

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