Apple cider vinegar

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Very commonly used Apple cider vinegar - it is odorless, and useful for health. There is a wonderful recipe of a vitamin drink in a glass of warm water dissolve a tablespoon of honey and a tablespoon of Apple cider vinegar and drink every morning on an empty stomach is a storehouse of vitamins-boosts immunity, (yet, they say, and burns excess fat!). Since we're all hand-made, offer to cook yourself instead of buying the unknown in store.

Ingredients for Apple cider vinegar

Step by step instruction of cooking Apple cider vinegar

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Apples my and RUB on a coarse grater, together with the seeds ( I worked with blender)

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Apple mass put in a bowl (not aluminum)-can be in pot or 5 liter jar. In warm boiled water bred yeast, sugar, honey, and pour the apples, if using yeast, they are also bred, if the crackers - just put on top.

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Tied with marlechkoy to breathe, and midges up there could not get up and leave to ferment for a week in a warm Sunny place, stir at least once a day, so the apples on top does not dry up.

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Strain what we have got through several layers of cheesecloth, squeezing, liquid is poured into a clean glass container, tied with marlechkoy and leave to ferment for another two months.

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During this time, the vinegar should be transparent, and the bottom will gather the sediment. Carefully pour clear liquid, poured into glass bottles and well kuparinen.