Candy with nuts

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Ingredients for Candy with nuts

Step by step instruction of cooking Candy with nuts

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So I decided a traditional candy from my childhood "stuff" nuts.
Razvivaem fruits and berries with sugar (to taste, depending on fruit and cravings for sweets), it is better to put less and then try and, if necessary, to add.
Wipe through a sieve.

Immediately say, that we always dried outside under the sun so experience is drying in the oven no. Most likely, as with drying fruits on low heat with the door ajar.

Take large sheets of film or baking paper, spread on a flat basis (trays, boards, etc.), grease with a little vegetable oil.

Spread nuts (or other filler).
Pour fruit (berry) puree to make a thin layer - no more than 5mm.
Bring in the sunshine and wait until the ground dries out (will no longer push your finger). Drying will take several days (time determined by the fruity layer and weather).

Ready candy roll in rolls.
I remember from my childhood that we kept it in a paper bag in the pantry, but for reliability (for moth bred) this time decided to lay down in the freezer.