Amish white bread

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On the website so much bread that I don't even dare to hint that I have a special recipe. But I am so in love with my products that I can not share. The bread turns out very white :), very gentle and very airy and light! Well seriously as a feather. To me it tastes like white bread or pletenochka (i.e. a drop of sweet, but in moderation). In the morning with butter, honey or soft cheese - all the bomb! And most importantly - no smell of yeast (which I most cared for in home-baked bread)!

Ingredients for Amish white bread

Step by step instruction of cooking Amish white bread

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In a large bowl, mix the water sugar and yeast and stir. The water should be very warm but not hot.
Cover and let stand 5-10 minutes until bubbles appear as in the pictures (this step is optional).

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Then add salt and oil. Stir and begin to knead, adding 1 Cup of flour. It is easier to do on a floured table surface.
The dough should be knead until it will not cease to stick to hands (no need to add extra flour).
From the dough form a ball. Grease a bowl with vegetable oil and "roll" in it the dough to cover with oil.
Cover with a damp towel and keep warm for about an hour or until double.

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Continue making the dough, knead it 2 minutes, divide into two pieces and shape the bread or spread in the form.
After 30 minutes, when the dough is ready in the forms, put in a preheated 180 deg. the oven and bake for 30 min.
Bread prepared from extracted from the forms and cooled on a wire rack.

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All! Bon appetit!