Appetizer of octopus in garlic sauce with white wine

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've wanted to cook octopus, but after browsing through many recipes for this "sea reptile" faced with the fact that all are totally different cooking time, and cooking methods are completely different from each other. Drawing from all the recipes little by little, I still managed to cook a dish that I, as a big fan of seafood, loved it. Maybe someone else will like this recipe and will be useful to my experience.

Ingredients for Appetizer of octopus in garlic sauce with white wine

Step by step instruction of cooking Appetizer of octopus in garlic sauce with white wine

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Octopuses I thawed.
As they have already been washed - just rinsed with cold water.

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Put in a pan filled with cold water and set to boil.
Many recipes have seen that for softness and added a cork from a wine or onion, he added, and the tube and bulb.
Cooked for almost 30 minutes, periodically "poking" the octopus with a knife, to check their degree of readiness.
After that, simply removed the pan from the heat and put aside to cool, in this regard, the exact cooking time is difficult to write, but you can boil the octopus in the evening and in the morning remove from the cooled broth.

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I boiled octopus cut into large pieces.

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Heated the pan with olive oil and put small pieces of garlic and the cleaned octopus;
a few minutes of caramelizing, stirring constantly, then added the wine, salt, spices, slices of sun-dried tomatoes, and stewed for about 10 minutes.
Then removed from heat and added balsamic vinegar. All!

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Dish you can eat, both hot and cold.
The octopus was very tender, soft and delicious, but nonetheless, I would appreciate any advice and wishes, because, as the saying goes: "there is no limit to perfection".

Bon appetit!