Garlic bread

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It so happened that for today's Breakfast we do not have bread :-[ we Quickly ran through the recipes and 9 PM downloaded all HP. After 2 hours, my men were indignant that I'm over them, hungry, bullied. The smells were... beyond words... And now with Breakfast not long mudila: bread goes well with vegetables and various savory spreads. Try it!

Ingredients for Garlic bread

Step by step instruction of cooking Garlic bread

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Step-by-step photos, as such, no.
The instructions for my HP first load all liquid foods (water, oil, wine), then added salt, sugar, grated cheese, chopped garlic and Basil,
then poured the flour and yeast.
Set program 2 (weight of bread up to 1 kg, total time 2 hours 50 min.)
and "left" in "cook"

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After 3 hours, took out the bread from the mold, put it on a rack to cool, popliteals, covered the bread with a towel and went to sleep.

And in the morning we had Breakfast fragrant bread...

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