Bread "Confetti" (CP)

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This bread is all from the same book "Recipes for the bread machine", only modified a little under my (LG). The bread turns out delicious.

Ingredients for Bread "Confetti" (CP)

Step by step instruction of cooking Bread "Confetti" (CP)

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Lay everything in the oven, as written in the instructions. Mode: "Basic" bread (3h.40min.), crust any. Products this for a loaf weighing 450g.
The first time, follow the bun, because additives (pepper, carrot and zucchini) also give some liquid. I am in the process added another somewhere 2.5 tablespoons of flour.

Шаг 2

After the beep, remove the bread, allow to cool and eat.

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Here is the bread cut.