Lamb with plum sauce

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My first lamb, cooked... which until last year I didn't eat lamb at all. It was a kind of experiment, so there were plenty of fears-what not to buy that meat will publish specific... flavor. But the result was soft, juicy meat, scented with spices. The first pancake turned out not lumpy!

Ingredients for Lamb with plum sauce

Step by step instruction of cooking Lamb with plum sauce

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So, from lyrics we will pass to practice. My lamb (I had the blade), cut off excess fat, if any, and send the pot ( I have a roaster) with a small amount of heated vegetable oil. Fry the meat
until Golden brown, turning occasionally (it will take about 20 minutes).

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While the meat is fried, drain extracted from the bones, cutting the plums into halves.

Шаг 3

Sent plum to meat.

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Onions and garlic cut into large chunks and once the plums will give the juice, add onions and garlic to the meat, salt,
close the lid and leave to enjoy the company of each other for about an hour (on low heat)

Шаг 5

After an hour or so added to the meat seasoning (I mixed cumin, coriander, a little chili, dried garlic,
a little bit of cardamom, a few sprigs of rosemary) and pour in pomegranate juice
(if you have a plum will give enough juice, or it will boil, you can add a little hot water).