Pear pie with custard

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Recently put the recipe remained the custard... and then on the TV show the cake... Tasty, tasty pie. The author - Italian chef-chef Massimiliano Montiroli.

Ingredients for Pear pie with custard

Step by step instruction of cooking Pear pie with custard

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[url=]Ring with custard cream[/url],
Did the half portion of the pie way to make you that cream enough for the whole serving.
The words of the author. Butter must be mixed in the mixer with the flour (it turns out baby oil)

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and then put the egg yolks and sugar.

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Ready dough it is better to cover with film and put in a cool place for half an hour.

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The remainder of the custard. The custard on top of a link.

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Fill the pie custard and sprinkle with sliced almonds.

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Pear cut in half, peel and remove the core (sprinkle them with lemon juice so they do not darkened). Lay pears,

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and the remaining space between them to fill with strips of dough. But since the test was not enough, filled the space also sliced pears and sprinkled with pistachios

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Bake the pie for 30 minutes at 180 degrees.
Shortly before his readiness to fill his apricot jam (replaced by raspberry jam) and put in the oven for another few minutes until tender.
The finished cake, if desired, sprinkle sah.powder.
Cool. Pour tea and enjoy))).

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