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Mexican burritos with chicken

Mexican burritos with chicken

Burritos de Pollo. Sometimes we like to invite guests and treat yourself to a different burritos, fajitas and other Shawarma :-) this time I chose Mexican burritos with the most gentle and least spicy stuffing. Mexicans, being the lovers of sharp little, call these burritos childish. But we, adults, sometimes need a break from spicy... Well, like, what to do :-[... Well, who's with me in the kitchen?

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Ingredients for Mexican burritos with chicken

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Mexican burritos with chicken

Step 1

The dough cover with a towel and leave for 15 min.

Step 2

Then divide the dough into pieces and roll the balls in size about a chicken egg. I got 13.

Step 3

Roll out each ball as thin as possible. I calmed down already when through the dough became clearly Shine through the Board.

Step 4

Fry tortillas in a pan without oil (!) with two sides until Golden specks. When they start to cause the air bubbles (I would say bubbles!), gently prodavlivaet their shovel, lest they disfigured form of our tortillas. My this time it aspired to be "air", so I had to fight with every hard (or rather blade).

Step 5

Try to keep tortillas all the time, it was covered with a towel, as they dry quickly and can start to break down. But if you prepare them in advance, I suggest also to grease plums. oil and wrap with cling film. I make tortillas in the morning and lay until the evening on the refrigerator, away from cats, husband and father-in-law :-D It is very convenient.

Step 6

Move on to the stuffing!
Chicken cut into cubes, onion - half rings or small pieces. Put in a pan with olive or other raises. oil, add cumin and salt to taste. Fry until Golden brown.

Step 7

Cooking corn pasta. For this corn along with the liquid from the jar onto the blender and turn into a creamy mass (not necessary to achieve complete homogeneity).

Step 8

When the chicken and the onions become Golden, add our corn pasta (mmm... so would a spoon and eat!) and finely chopped garlic. Stew under cover another 10 minutes, stirring from time to time.

Step 9

2. Fold the edge closest to you.
3. Also wrap the right edge, lightly pulling them with the filling right.

Step 10

4. A bit bend the lower left corner (this is so filling tude was not lost).

Step 11

5. Wrap the left edge and leave the "top" an open (and this is purely for aesthetic reasons, and easier way. One thing shaurma in a thin pita bread and half a meter myself inadvertently wrapped can and with tortillas a little more complicated in this regard).

Step 12

Put the burritos on a baking sheet or in wide form.
Get caches hidden corn pasta and add it to the remaining milk. Pour the sauce on the burritos and sprinkle cheese on top of the remains. Put into the oven, preheated to 180 degrees. 20 min.

Step 13

And after 20 minutes, with an enthusiastic squeak (as I do) get our treasure out of the oven, pour sour cream and for a time forget about everything...