Mexican burritos for Breakfast (burritos de desayuno)

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I have since yesterday evening there are a couple of tortillas tortilla after cooking Chicken Burritos
So I decided to put them in motion and quickly cook them Breakfast. Recipe inspired by Mexican cafes, where guests are served like burritos. The more I like them as Breakfast because the charge of protein and carbohydrates.

Ingredients for Mexican burritos for Breakfast (burritos de desayuno)

Step by step instruction of cooking Mexican burritos for Breakfast (burritos de desayuno)

Шаг 1

Recipe tortillas tortilla you can see here do Not want to repeat.
Prepare the filling:
Sausage (one that you like for Breakfast) cut into pieces. Finely chop the onion and lightly fry with the sausage. Not perezhivajte bow to crackle.

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Whisk eggs with sour cream (you can substitute milk), add salt and pepper to taste.

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Pour eggs sausage and continue to fry until cooked eggs. And when they pryatatsya, you need to mix things up. Get "ragged" omelet.

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Now prepare something like salsa. To do this, the tomatoes cut into cubes (you can peel it), add chopped herbs, pepper, salt, cumin, a little garlic (granules or fresh) and pour the lemon (or lime) juice. For salsa still used red onion and chilli, but I decided that for Breakfast it will be tangy.

Шаг 5

Get tortillas and throw half a minute in the microwave. First, warm tortillas taste better, and secondly, they will become softer and you will be fine to curl. Some for a couple of seconds, heated from two sides directly on the burner (no pan).

Шаг 6

Spread on each loaf with half of the sausage with egg, a spoonful of our "salsa", and, if desired, grated cheese. Wrap burritos, carefully pressing together the filling.

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The burritos are juicy and hearty. Just what we need for Breakfast.