Breakfast "Senor tomato"

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Today is Sunday, last weekend before the combat routine). The morning started my Sunday, woke up and nobody in the house, silence. Eventually I figured it went on the market, already having had Breakfast, so hungry I just left. The refrigerator does not clear up, so constructed a Breakfast that was:-)

Ingredients for Breakfast "Senor tomato"

Step by step instruction of cooking Breakfast "Senor tomato"

Шаг 1

sprinkle with salt and add the spices

Шаг 2

add finely chopped fresh herbs I had parsley

Шаг 3

then the diced ham

Шаг 4

a little cheese grated

Шаг 5

on top of the yolk

Шаг 6

and again cheese.I sent all this under the grill in the micro-well, You can and in the oven.