Pancakes stuffed pilot

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I had the experiment today. Ordered my son stuffed pancakes. And the fridge only had 1 Cup of whey. Who lives in Germany knows that Sunday to buy food. Had to go to write the recipe. To put it was not going as pancake recipes on the site sea and what happens I didn't know. But it turned out great and I decided to share with you the result, but step by step are not removed. But at the same time and stuffing made useful - my son never eats eggplant here and to have to deceive him. In General welcome.

Ingredients for Pancakes stuffed pilot

Step by step instruction of cooking Pancakes stuffed pilot

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So dough. Take the whey in a separate bowl thoroughly mix the eggs with sour cream added to the whey. Whisk, add salt and soda slaked with vinegar.Portions and mix up the flour to the desired consistency.Fry the pancakes.
For the filling, in a pan in a small amount of vegetable oil fry the onion, add the ground beef.Fry on slow fire until soft.Meanwhile, cut the eggplant - I cut small, so it was not noticeable who loves you medium cubes.Add to the mince.Salt, pepper and bring to readiness.At the end of cooking add finely chopped greens.And give leave to cool slightly.
Our crepes stuffed with stuffing and ready.
Bon appetit!

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