Mamulina potato zrazy

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This is a wonderful dish, despite its primitive look, reminiscent of the cheesecakes, unforgettably delicious! But most importantly, it was prepared and to this day my mother makes it. And my mom's food is the tastiest. An irresistible combination of such simple ingredients will delight even the most discerning palates, no doubt!!! Help yourself!

Ingredients for Mamulina potato zrazy

Step by step instruction of cooking Mamulina potato zrazy

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Now, make filling!
Boiled meat in a meat grinder. The onion small we cut,we fry together with our farsical in the pan until Golden beautiful color ,sprinkle with salt and pepper,allow to cool a little.

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The pan with vegetable oil, put on fire,simultaneously shaping and laying it on our zraziki.
Formed as patties from potato dough make a flapjack in the center put the stuffing,out of the corner semiplaten,dip them in flour replusive like cheesecake and put GENTLY,so as not to break,seam side down in the pan.

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Fry both sides on medium heat until tender about 15 minutes on each side

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In fact, everything is ready. So unpretentious, this looks yummy!