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Rye cakes with honey

Rye cakes with honey

Delicious, fragrant and sweet cakes instead of bread!

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Ingredients for Rye cakes with honey

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Rye cakes with honey

Step 1

In a bowl sift half Cup of flour,add the sugar and yeast,stir,pour warm water or whey, stir,let stand for 5 minutes.
Then add honey,oil, sifted rye flour and the usual, the usual pour on a little, it may be that it will need a little less,knead the dough, to shift into a greased Rast. oil pan,cover and leave for 40 minutes no more, as the dough with rye flour quickly perkiset.

Step 2

When the dough is ready to press down and divide into 3 equal pieces, roll cakes,prick them slightly with a fork,place on a baking sheet with oiled paper.

Step 3

The oven to include at 200 degrees until it is heated let the cakes stand up,then put them in the oven and bake until Golden brown.