Rye bread "Three!"

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Perhaps you think the name is very strange? Yes, it's for a reason so conceived: estessno, this recipe has a history, which explains the name - want to hear? Read... And if not - then go directly to the recipe. Started with being a great man and wonderful my friend Ruletka(which, by the way, the same keen Baker, like me, complained that she has baked wonderful bread so to speak from the "head" with a different machine, and the recipe is not recorded! And was upset... I wanted to comfort her and a couple of days remained fretting with this recipe, yesterday I baked, the guests were all tried - applauded (still in the process of baking was THE-a-smell!) and here I am! This bread is dedicate to my friend.

Ingredients for Rye bread "Three!"

Step by step instruction of cooking Rye bread "Three!"

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This bread was so conceived, that was for that "catch" and the prescription not to forget: 3 kinds of flour, 3 kinds of "baking powder", 3 of the additional component 3 kinds of flavor components, and 3 types of supplements... Everything else is optional. Hence the name. The bread is delicious, fragrant, fluffy, flavorful - try it!

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Sourdough and sourdough:
Night of 100 g leaven ready activate - add 100 g of flour (one of the varieties to choose from) and 100 ml of liquid (I used kefir). Leave for the night, not closing tightly.
The sourdough is prepared from 150 g flour (I took room 1050 is in Germany, the average grade of flour between the flour and full-sized, it is cream colored and very tasty), 150 ml of warm beer and 5 g of yeast (I have fresh). Leave overnight in a cool place (the fridge - I was standing on the balcony).
In the morning we see that everything is perfectly got up and "leaped"! Now to the test...
Potato in mundyke boil, and the three strips together with Apple, of course, to pick up weight exactly difficult, look in General, so it was not more than 300 g of a mixture.
In a large bowl, mix the flour (remaining), add the products at the announced list, and knead the dough until it "balls"... optionally, you can add
- cereal or
- nuts or
- seeds.
I chose rolled oats - 3 tbsp

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PySy. If you say that there is a particular product you can replace it with similar, although I highly recommend to look for spelt flour (it is very tasty and useful!)... And molasses, and malt can at worst case be replaced with honey and dry kvass (although the result is not I promise!), you can experiment...

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