Chocolate cookies with your coffee

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My every morning starts with a little invigorating Cup of aromatic coffee with cinnamon. This is my lovely habit. Well, to coffee, needless to say, I add some cookie - cookie. Too little. Not so bad for the figure, and still looks more aesthetically pleasing next to a small coffee Cup, rather than a sausage sandwich))) so I decided to find a recipe for something small, sweet and crisp and suitable for coffee. These biscuits even more like candy. I want to share with all concerned)

Ingredients for Chocolate cookies with your coffee

Step by step instruction of cooking Chocolate cookies with your coffee

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1. Chocolate dough: In a small container beat butter and sugar to cream.

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Add the sifted flour and cocoa and milk. Chop the pastry with a knife, thus it mixing.

Then carefully mash it with hands for a minute or two to make it smooth and even.

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Put biscuits on a baking sheet in the oven for 10 minutes at 180 degrees.

After the desired time, get the cookies from the oven and gently put it on a flat surface to cool completely. We gotta do a sugar test.

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2. Sugar dough – the filling: using a mixer, beat the egg whites to a foam, adding 1 – 2 tbsp powdered sugar. When the beat is already becoming difficult, turn off the mixer and begin to knead the dough by hand. Should be elastic and not sticky dough. If you want you can add food dye for color and a few drops of any essence to taste (mint, orange, lemon...).

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Now we need to make our "complex" biscuits. Osipyan a piece of sugar dough and place it on one cookie, then close the second.

In the end I somehow left a lot of this sugar dough. Probably not very well designed in the recipe. Yet put it in the fridge for a while. It is easily molded and may be kept for at least a week. I think you can use it for modeling roses for cake decorating.

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3. The glaze: this should melt the chocolate in a water bath with a small amount of milk. Then take each of our "complicated" cookie and dip the top part in the chocolate mass. As the chocolate is quite thick, it does not spread on the surface and forms a "cap" similar to meringue.
Put the resulting biscuits briefly in the refrigerator so that the chocolate is completely frozen.