"Is not enough!"

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As you know, many of the dishes are born in terms of saving resources (food, time, physical). So this just happened and I... "is not Enough!" - I thought, looking at the leftovers from yesterday's dinner. You need to create! It turned out delicious! Go to stew with liver and eggplant.

Ingredients for "Is not enough!"

Step by step instruction of cooking "Is not enough!"

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So, to the remains of the liver, add the potatoes (well, here we have a "large" harvest. if you harvest better than ours, cut smaller). I'm still their "giants" 2 parts cut.

Liver I fried on the same principle that meat, the recipe of which I quoted here https://www.povarenok.ru/recipes/show/21784/

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Eggplant for me, as you remember, this year is slim, so cut into rings, fry in vegetable oil and put into the liver and potatoes.
If there are problems with the digestive system or eggplants taste bitter, it is better to pre-soak in salt water or salt and then squeeze.

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Then I got the batteries :(
Add corn (I poured the liquid).
Coarsely cut tomatoes.
Sour cream never hurt, either.

Sent the pan on the fire and simmer under the lid.