Chicken tapaka

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I know that now many will begin to say that the title error. But no, to quote Wikipedia - Chicken tapaka, ( borrowed from Arabic ) — a dish of Georgian cuisine. Is a chicken cooked in local varieties frying pan with lid "Tanaka", derived from the same Arabic word (load. tapha "pan"). When cooking in a frying pan before frying the bird flattened. In Russia this method of cooking called "Chicken tobacco." The search did not find any recipe, to my surprise. Invite.

Ingredients for Chicken tapaka

Step by step instruction of cooking Chicken tapaka

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Wash the chicken, cut the breast ( front only).RUB with salt, pepper, Crushed garlic.Optionally, you can leave for a few hours to promarinovatsya if time is short skip this time.

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Further spread our hen back up and good beats to the carcass was as flat as possible.

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Meanwhile, heated in a frying pan small amount of oil.And put on the pan skin down.

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Next, you need to construct the yoke.I took the pan of smaller diameter and put on top of a pot of water.

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Fry on each side over high heat for 15 minutes.