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I got the recipe from friend and praised him very much. Indeed, delicious. Very tasty.

Ingredients for Hanuschik

Step by step instruction of cooking Hanuschik

Шаг 1

The meat (I had pork) cut into slices and fry in vegetable oil. Add salt and turn off the heat. The pan is necessary to take with high sides.

Шаг 2

2 onions cut into half rings and spread on meat. On top of carrots, grated on a grater. Optional onions and carrots can take longer.

Шаг 3

From water, flour and salt knead the dough.

Шаг 4

Then roll the dough thickness of 0.5 cm. the Bow that remained, chopped and spread on the dough. Sprinkle with seasonings according to Your taste. I have bitter pepper, paprika, seasoning to the meat. The dough is rolled into a roll...

Шаг 5

...cut into pieces with a thickness of 4-5cm, but the height climbed in the pan, and slice up to put on the meat. Between the pieces to leave a small gap. Pour 0.5 cups of water on top and RUB the chilled butter.

Шаг 6

Cover and simmer 30 min. Over 5 min before the end I poured rolls with sour cream that just hydrated (very thick). Took about two tablespoons of sour cream. But I deviated from the recipe *JOKINGLY*