Tacos Mexican

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To be honest, I don't know what is the fundamental difference between tacos and burritos, always believed that it is the same thing, but friends of our family, spent several years in Mexico, shared this recipe and said that it was tacos...

Ingredients for Tacos Mexican

Step by step instruction of cooking Tacos Mexican

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So we need wheat tortillas (tortillas), but we usually replaced them with pita bread, processed cheese slices and two types of filling: vegetable and meat.

Prepare meat filling: Fry in small amount of vegetable oil ground beef, a little potseluem and pepper. Add chopped ham and green beans in tomato sauce. Simmer for about 15 minutes.

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At this time, until stew meat filling, prepare the vegetable filling. Chop the onions, greens and tomatoes. All this dressed with ketchup, add Tabasco to taste, salt.

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And begins the process of eating. Put toppings in bowls (it is important that the meat filling was hot!). Take a tortilla (or pita bread), put on her plate of cheese, spread on top a spoonful of meat filling and a spoon vegetable stuffing, wrap... And Bon appetit!

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Wanted to note that the production Tarasov an individual matter, i.e. everyone sitting at the table himself, on his plate doing his tacos.