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Great drink, easy to prepare, and tastes much better than the original(personally checked). Very easy to drink, and most importantly in the morning is not a headache.

Ingredients for Becherovka

Step by step instruction of cooking Becherovka

Шаг 1

1. Take 1 litre of vodka 40% and 200 ml of alcohol 95-96%. Pour it in a 1.5 litre bowl with lid. It pre-note in permanent marker the level exactly 1.5 liters. Plastic use undesirable. But it is possible.

Шаг 2

2. Add this set of spices:
Cinnamon------------ 5 grams
Carnation---------- 15-20 stuff (stars)
Cardamom--------- 1 g (2-3 boxes)
Anis--------------- 2 grams (1 teaspoon without top)
Black pepper---- 8-10 peas
Orange zest strip 1 x 5 cm (without white skin)

Cinnamon is desirable (but not required) to use in powder, in sticks-tubes-chip. And flavor better, and to filter later is much easier.

Шаг 3

3. Close, put on a week to infuse. You can not shake, but it hurt.

Шаг 4

4. After a week, prepare the syrup - 150 grams of sugar and 150 ml of water, pour - pour in the cauldron, put on fire, bring stirring until the sugar is dissolved and boiling, but boiling is not allowed. Let cool, remove the foam (if there is) and pour into our container with spices and alcohol. In the same cauldron pour another 100 ml of water, propulsive and again in our capacity.
The total amount of product needed water to bring to our label, 1.5 liter. Almost everything is ready. You can try, but it is better to abstain.

Шаг 5

5. Two days later remove the sample. If the flavor seems weak, you can leave to sit for another day or two. Here very much depends on the quality of the spices. If the tasting gave a positive result, take the bandage - gauze in 4 layers and filtered our product. If you have used ground cinnamon, it will be necessary to filter in addition.