Cool pie with zucchini, Basil and velvet cloak

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Here... fighting with zucchini continues, although the passion abated. Zucchini rent battle positions. But still hoo! Masterpiece of braunis with zucchini prompted me to look for something else, like baking with this "fruit", found recipes, but they were all kind of boring, uninteresting, bland... Until I stumbled on this Cool recipe. Why hilarious? Yes, something unusual: the sweet zucchini and Basil... and then there is "the veil" velvet, hee hee! Maybe I'm exaggerating - BUT this is my will, cool it...

Ingredients for Cool pie with zucchini, Basil and velvet cloak

Step by step instruction of cooking Cool pie with zucchini, Basil and velvet cloak

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All, now to the recipe, with gags. Zucchini - if they are young - only wash, and the old and saprisa be subject to more thorough treatment: they need to be peeled and remove the seeds. Grate the zucchini finely and leave in a colander, over time, overcome. When I pressed, I was less than 500 g, but I did not add.
The flour and baking powder and mix in a bowl. There are nuts and coconut (if coconut not, take 150 grams of nuts; I had a reverse situation - is not enough and I added coconut), grated zucchini and finely chopped Basil leaves (amount depends on their size). Mix well.

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In another bowl, whisk in the lush foam balls with powdered sugar (the recipe had 250g of powder, but I thought it was so very overly - ass will stick together, I took 200 g), adding gradually, as powder and vanilla, cinnamon and salt. So, the mixture should be fluffy and airy.

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The dough entered the stretch. butter (I also reduced the number instead of 250 ml took only 200 ml), slowly introduce the egg mixture, first stir vigorously (about 1/3 weight), and then lightly top-down with the confectionery of a spatula introduce the remaining egg mixture.

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After that daubed it jam from all sides (it took me more jam 400 g).

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Prepare for pie "velvet robe": the marzipan cut into pieces and sprinkle cocoa or chocolate powder. Mesim - this is best done on a silicone Mat! Cover with cling film and roll out thinner form you do not have to worry! Then, take the pieces of marzipan robe - it is very important to take, as it will, and big and little pieces! and put them on top of the cake in the form of wrinkles, adjusting only the edge. Ready!

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Gentle - soft, fragrant, nut-tabactivity, marzipan-neobichniy... Oh, sorry for the jokes!

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Without the coat, it is, of course, not... just kidding! You can make a chocolate glaze - but, alas! it is a different taste!