A cake for 25 minutes long break

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I think for every student, even the most inveterate wonk ))), favorite time in school was recess... Oh and a large.. which lasted for 25 minutes... just Paradise... What we could do during those precious 25 minutes.... Lunch in the cafeteria, jump to the elastic, to play hopscotch, but for someone to even do their homework ))))) Well, for me the big change always associate with my friends... every recess we would gather in a certain place and socratically... shared their experiences... sraeli plans for the future... talking about boys.... What else can you do during this time??? What a grown woman can manage in such a short time??? For example, to run to the nearest store, or read a few pages of your favorite magazine, a quick to do my hair or apply a light makeup... well, I think it's time to bake a cake... in the microwave... but not that anyhow, and tender, fluffy, high, light chocolate notes, sweet cream taste of boiled condensed milk with the addition of dried peanuts... bliss.. no cake... honestly suggest... For competition "School time".

Ingredients for A cake for 25 minutes long break

Step by step instruction of cooking A cake for 25 minutes long break

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I just want to mention...I did two layers separately,as I have a glass form for micro is not very high...the dough is rising 3-4 times,so bake for 2 times 3-4 cm layer is much handier...
Melt within 2 minutes the chocolate and butter.

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While to melt the chocolate and butter in a bowl with a fork stir the eggs with the sugar,will take you 1 minute.

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Add the baking powder.

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Then add the flour.

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Just then arrived a chocolate-oil mass, stir until smooth.

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In the egg-flour mixture add the chocolate,stir with a fork until smooth(the dough gets liquid).

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Pour the lot into the lined baking paper form.
Bake for 8-10 minutes at a power of 600-800 watts.
The cake is a bit sticky,but the structure of dense and caked.

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So while baking the first cake we prepare the cream.
Put on the fire the milk, prepare the pudding according to the instructions,with no added sugar.
As the pudding begins to thicken, removing from the heat, pour the condensed milk in there, then Slivki a little vanilla.Stir until smooth.Put to cool.

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Extract the cake from the mold and let cool on wire rack.
Take 2.
Procedure korzem repeat)))))
Ie, on the same principle prepare another cake.

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In the meantime, bake the second cake ...
The first cake cut into two halves,richly proslaivaet cream.

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The second cake do not have to cool to the end,slightly hot also "dissect" into two parts and coat with cream, including the top and sides.
Sprinkle with nuts and decorate as desired.

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