Crumpets with apples and honey-glazed

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These muffins I saw in a magazine, the dough they had to be too yeasty, but others. And then Julia(Niro)came with his wonderful test "Floater". So I decided to try it not only rolls, but the cheese puffs. Julia, you, to maintain figuraccia!))))And these muffins are my gift for my girlfriend loved the Claire's accessories(tat70 )Thank you so much for everything!

Ingredients for Crumpets with apples and honey-glazed

Step by step instruction of cooking Crumpets with apples and honey-glazed

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The dough recipe will not lead.Give the link in author Everything is wonderful and accurately described.Clearly followed all the instructions and had no problems.Thank You,Julia!
Baked from this dough rolls with cabbage.But the filling is ended,and the batter remains.And I decided to try it to fry,to cook crumpets.Julia said that the dough is universal.Do with it what you want.In total I got 10 pretty krupneishih donuts,left 2 medium apples.The ingredients intentionally did not write the number of the desired product because it was impromptu.

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The dough is ready,and then my peeled apples,cut out the middle and cut into slices in half a centimeter thick.

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Here such here it turned out.

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In frying pan, pour vegetable oil so more.And put it on her crumpets.In the process of frying they will swell.So do not press them tight in the pan to each other.

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I poured oil not so that very much and then played even with them,then roasted them side.Also a quick process.Fry,of course,on both sides.

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Taken from frying donuts immediately coat in the sugar.

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Here they are,ready.

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Pour honey on them!All!