Napoleon beet

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I know, unusual name for a salad, and still... the name gave it the author - Yuliya Vysotskaya. I of course changed, but the principle remains the same.

Ingredients for Napoleon beet

Step by step instruction of cooking Napoleon beet

Шаг 1

I give the number of products for 1 serving. So, finely chop the pepper and herbs

Шаг 2

add the garlic crushed, finely grated cheese and mayonnaise

Шаг 3

take the boiled beets and cut into round rings are not thick. It is our "cakes"

Шаг 4

now collect our salad. The ring beet the stuffing is put on top of cheese cover with another ring and graduation products

Шаг 5

decorate,give a little stand and you can start the meal)

Bon appetit!