Pizza Hunting

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Decided to share a recipe of pizza dough and stuffed! It is very tasty. First time ordered pizza and chose this one. And since I ordered it mainly in the evening at the weekend, we simply didn't take... said that they have a lot of orders and so far they are not lucky (even though we live in the city but in a fairly remote area). Had to deal with filling, now cook and enjoy! Particularly appreciated by men. So we will please our men!! For the dough recipe thank you Mrs. Mar. Great recipe for yeast dough)))

Ingredients for Pizza Hunting

Step by step instruction of cooking Pizza Hunting

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Water, yeast, oil and flour kneaded yeast dough, put it to rise for at least 20 min.

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While the dough rises, slice toppings: Sausage rings, brisket into thin slices. You can even buy already sliced, because the thinner, the better.

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The dough spread on the form of fingers (as thin as possible) and smear ketchup or tomato paste. Next layers:
- brisket

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With small amount of mayonnaise, and mayonnaise - a layer of thinly sliced pickled cucumber

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Next - hunting sausages

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Sprinkle with grated cheese and bake in the oven (180 degrees) until tender. For about 20 minutes.

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Bon appetit!

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