Poppy seed pancakes

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Wanted to spoil their grandchildren, remembered this recipe, a real Dessert out of the pan. The grandchildren were delighted. Thanks for the recipe elaizik-Lena.

Ingredients for Poppy seed pancakes

Step by step instruction of cooking Poppy seed pancakes

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[url=http://elaizik.livejournal.com/154559.html#cutid1]the words of the author.[/url]the 6 crepes with a diameter of 15 cm you will need:
For the test. Heat the milk to 25-30 C. Mix the egg yolks, vanilla sugar,salt

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Melt the butter,pour in and add the Mac.

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1/2 Cup of flour in the beginning,then add flour to make a batter that flows down from a wooden spoon, leaving a thin even layer.Let the dough stand for 10-15 minutes for swelling of gluten.
According to the recipe. Mix the yolk, sugar, butter, poppy and salt + 12 cups of flour.Pour in the milk, rubbing the dough to obtain a homogeneous cream.Choose as You wish.

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For the filling : Grind the poppy seeds.

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Add to the pot poppy seeds,grated lemon rind,sugar.sand

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milk and cook on slow heat until thick.

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Pre-soak the raisins in the rum(liquor).Cherry was not((

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Add poppy filling and raisins,lemon juice and a little rum in which the raisins were soaked. Leave to cool.

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Pour the batter portions on a heated dry Teflon pan and bake on low heat on one side.

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Put the stuffing on the crunchy side

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and roll crepe into a tube(or other shape).Serve it as a warm and chilled.

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To serve:honey,palm syrup,or in my case, was a warm chocolate ganaj.
Cream to warm,to boil not to bring,put chocolate chips,stir.

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