Cake "Palanga"

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The cake on the contest "School time" but .. I want to share my joy with You, my grandchildren - skeleta, and the cake baked for them. Don't be surprised it's so late, we have a school with 15 numbers. )) And for the recipe, thank you once again Lena-elaizik.

Ingredients for Cake "Palanga"

Step by step instruction of cooking Cake "Palanga"

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[url=]the words of the author.[/url]
Rinse raisins, cover with brandy and let stand for 30 minutes. Drain brandy and save. The raisins are finely chopped.

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2 eggs divided into whites and yolks.
3 eggs + 2 protein to pour in a fire-proof bowl , put in a water bath and stirring constantly , heat until hot. Caution! Eggs should not be brewed!

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Remove the eggs from the water bath, add sugar and beat until then, until they are completely cooled.

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Melt butter.

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Part of the egg-sugar mixture stir in butter and raisins in a separate bowl.

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Flour with the cocoa mix and sift.Carefully sifting the flour into the egg mixture, stir in the flour by the method of folding.

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Add raisin-butter mixture. Stir.

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Pour into a 2 shape with a diameter of 22 - 24 cm ( the bottom lay a baking paper). bake at 170 C, 20-25 minutes, until the match will not be from the center come out dry. Cool on wire rack.

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Each cake cut into two.
Two does not work,form is a big one and I had to take a double portion. Looking for a way out.Time is running out.

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Out easiest,not just girl's baked according to this recipe [url=]Turkish chocolate pie[/url]

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Cream "Charlotte". 2 egg yolks + 1/2 Cup milk + 1/2 Cup of sugar to mix. Cook the liaison : over medium heat, stirring constantly,

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while the liaison will not perusteet, but not heated to the boil in any case ! Keep the temperature 70-80 degrees. Pour the brandy from the raisins. Cool to room temperature.

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250 grams of butter to soften completely , so that the oil can easily stir.
Mix the butter with the liaison: to add oil to the liaison on a tea spoon and stir, until the cream is smooth. Do not use the mixer! Manually.

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The cream is ready - soft and if you interrupt, it will taste like clay. At the very end to try and if the taste of cognac will be enough ( and it should be felt clearly), then add more to taste.
Next in a bowl of syrup - as usual,boil = water + sah.sand.

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Nuts without oil pre-bake in the oven,peel and slice.

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Turkish cake cut into 2 parts,to be impregnated with syrup.Fluff cream.

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Each layer of cream sprinkle with grated chocolate and crushed walnuts. The second cake is from the recipe "Palanga"

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And the last top cake again from the Turkish pie.Boca sprinkle with nuts.The icing on Your discretion.I have the cream + chocolate.
Storage and supply.
The cake should stand at room temperature for a couple of hours before serving. Then it can be stored in the refrigerator or even the freezer.
However, on the table straight from the fridge you can not apply, be sure to give warm to room temperature 20-22 degrees. Sweet cakes and cream stiffen on cooling. But to cut better in a highly chilled condition and then let warm up.

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