Appetizer of eggplant (No. 2 )

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Offer you the second option appetizer of eggplant. The first was yesterday, caponata (No. 1 ). This option is completely different from the first taste. Here, the eggplants get pickled.

Ingredients for Appetizer of eggplant (No. 2 )

Step by step instruction of cooking Appetizer of eggplant (No. 2 )

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Prepare the eggplant. Wash, peeled, cut into mugs. Season with a little salt and allow to stand. Then spread on a greased baking sheet and put in pre heated oven for 20-10 minutes. They should be soft but not burnt. In the photo the eggplant after the oven.

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While the eggplant is baked, make topping. Cut greens, garlic(smaller), hot peppers(pre-cleaned of seeds)+ fennel seeds+ oregano. All mix and set aside.

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Prepare the marinade: boil water+ vinegar+oil+salt+sugar+Bay leaf.Photo of Laurel I have, I left it in the marinade to put, so put it immediately in a jar.
Switch off and try the taste, if,like you, lacks something mean to add according to your taste.

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Take a jar(PROSTERILIZOVANNOGO PREVIOUSLY) and begin to lay out layers-dressing of greens-eggplant-again greens-eggplant and so on to filling the jar.
Pour the HOT brine, are clogging the jar, allow to cool in the fridge. you can eat as three weeks.

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