The cranberry (cranberry liqueur)

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In the 80's my parents went on a trip to Petrozavodsk. There they first tried the drink and begged for the recipe from the guide. And for many years now, we prepare the infusion for this recipe. It turns out the ladies ' drink, very tasty, cranberry-cranberry. The longer insists - the tastier, so I suggest to start to prepare for the New year!

Ingredients for The cranberry (cranberry liqueur)

Step by step instruction of cooking The cranberry (cranberry liqueur)

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Cranberries sort, wash, mince or blender

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In three-liter jar of put the ground cranberries, sugar, vodka

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Pour to the top with water ( approximately 1 liter) and stir. Close the plastic lid, put in dark place ( I put in the closet) and forget about it for at least a month, and preferably 2-3 (just in time for the New year that would be great!). Before use, filter a few times.