Drunken bread

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How did I ruin a good recipe and got great bread! I looked the recipe in the net - it was a Hungarian potato bread, I'm on fire to bake. The recipe does not even cite, because I've done things, from the recipe of scraps left! Took out only the idea to use the potatoes... the Recipe given on the yeast, but it was said that the real Hungarian baked bread on hop leaven. Here - I'll hop on!!! Resolved - done!

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About the hops... the hop Cook sourdough - recipe taken from Internet.
1 Cup of hop cones pour 2 cups of water and simmer until the liquid is evaporated by half. Once cooled, strain. Add 1 tbsp. of honey (sugar) and flour to make the dough thick sour cream. Cover, but not tightly, and leave for 6-8 hours.
I did as was told. Left for the night - I think what it will be? bedtime future even visited my sourdough - like, zapatillas.

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Began to press down and see that something out of it formed into impossible, the dough was air, all in the bubbles, just the balloon... I got the cauldron a little more, thin lubricated Rast. oil and put baking paper, but so that the edge sticking out (find out why...), put back the dough, brushing hands, too Rast. oil. Covered another upside down pan...
Through an hour and a half as he looked - all hands on deck! Coming soon from the cauldron will come out level (more than 3 times here!).

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What was it? Failure? Or luck? The bread turned out extraordinary! I baked a lot of bread - different and delicious! but this some REAL! - with a crust plump with makerom derjavin and elastic. Well, bread is just like in my student days. Oh, prevmessage, bread-prehledy real!

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