The muffin loaf "Snail in the chocolate test"

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Saw in the Internet a photo with the recipe, I wanted to repeat. A try, I liked it. In the "Cook" kind, such cakes are not met, and therefore offer you a recipe to try. Taste - lemon-chocolate, original and looks beautiful when cut.

Ingredients for The muffin loaf "Snail in the chocolate test"

Step by step instruction of cooking The muffin loaf "Snail in the chocolate test"

Шаг 1

First, prepare molds for baking.
We need: form 27 x 25 cm (or sliding frame, like me) and a muffin tin 25 x 11 cm
The bottom of the first with baking paper.
For the second form will work cutters - outline the shape on paper and cut out a rectangle with four "ears" that bend along the lines and attach to the form.
Ready, you can get to biscuit dough.

Шаг 2

Turn on the oven at 200*C.
2 eggs and 1 egg yolk, beat until foamy,
add 40 g sugar 1 sachet of vanilla sugar - whisk
sleep 60 grams of flour - whisk
finally add 10 g of soft margarine - whisk.
The finished dough is poured onto the sheet with a spatula evenly distributed on all corners and put in a hot oven for 10-12 minutes.

Шаг 3

Now prepare the chocolate dough.
Whisk 175 g soft margarine 175 g sugar,
one by one, add 3 eggs and 1 egg white (each egg whisk for half a minute, not longer)
then add vanilla, grated lemon zest and starch - whisk.

By this time baked the cake, so the Cup with the dough set aside...

Шаг 4

Take out the cake from the oven, spread on a wet towel and with it roll up the roll.
Switching the oven on 180*C.

And continue cooking chocolate dough: add cocoa powder, baking powder and milk - whisk
then in a few receptions fall asleep 200 grams of flour - whisk.

Шаг 5

The chocolate dough is ready.
3 tbsp of dough spread in the form of muffins, arrange on the bottom.

Sponge cake spread with jam/jam/jam (preferably tart and bright colors) to tighten the roll again (without the towel)
and put it on the chocolate dough in the form.
Roll, of course, I got a little pumped up, well, I like it!..

Шаг 6

The remains of the chocolate batter spread in the lateral intervals, filling the empty space, and the top of the loaf. Put into the oven.
All this (baking sponge cake + cooking test) took me exactly 35 minutes.

Bake the cake at 180*C.
After 10 minutes of baking remove the form from the cake, to hold a knife in the middle of the cupcake line to a depth of 1 cm and put back in the oven.
In total bake for approximately 45-50 minutes.
For the paper "ears" pull the finished cake from the form and cool.

Шаг 7

You can leave just like that, and can be made from powdered sugar and lemon juice glaze and pour on top of cupcake.
I only had 60 grams of powder, so the frosting turned out a little.
The top of the cupcake decorate as desired.

Шаг 8

But what happens when cut.

The recipe is actually simple, the description of a large, because I tried to write everything in detail that was understandable even to novice cooks.

Try this delicious and beautiful! and quite easy!