Chicken with rice " St. Petersburg "

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I want to share my recipe for cooking chicken. It is my own invention, never peeped. The chicken turns out tender, and the rice soaked in chicken juice and no added fat.

Ingredients for Chicken with rice " St. Petersburg "

Step by step instruction of cooking Chicken with rice " St. Petersburg "

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When buying from Kourou placed in a container for food products. Add the spices, and they are all different, a tablespoon of olive oil, a spoonful of mayonnaise, greens can also be any salt. Close the container, shake and put into the fridge. Such container may be stored up to three days. It is marinated and half an hour later can be used for the purpose. You can fry, stew, bake.

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Prepare Fig. Rinse thoroughly in cold water. Use long-grain rice, usually Golden, but today was the "Krasnodar" also turned out well. And so the rice we prepared, oven heated to 210 degrees, Kura pickled. Spread the rice in a container for baking. I have from liquid crystal polymer. In principle this can be any heat-resistant dishes with cover, designed for baking. Rice pour boiling water just enough to cover the rice, no more.

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The time passed quickly, it is possible to call to the table. Bon appetit! I think that you will like and tender chicken and delicious rice!