Tomatoes "Special"

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These tomatoes in their own juice, with garlic, horseradish and pepper. I always rolled the tomatoes in their own juice all the famous recipe - tomato filled with juice. Last year I tried my friend Tatiana (many thanks to her for this recipe) tomatoes, rolled up in this way, I really liked it, and I borrowed this recipe (however, the names he had, that I thought up), spun 3 three-liter jar. Winter opened the jar for the guests, everyone was delighted! This year we decided to do so again, and here I want to share with you this recipe. The tomatoes this year I freak out a success, so this billet suits their extermination.

Ingredients for Tomatoes "Special"

Step by step instruction of cooking Tomatoes "Special"

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This recipe can be prepared in two ways: either pour the tomato juice and sterilised,
tomatoes or 2 times to fill water, alternately, and then pour juice without sterilization.
Last year I did the first method, this year the second: in 3 three-liter jars spread out the tomatoes (how many will enter),

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The rest of the tomatoes cut into slices and cook for 15-20 minutes, then RUB through a sieve. Garlic, bell pepper, mince,
hell cut into thin slices
add salt, sugar and cook for another 30 minutes.
Until the mixture is cooked we perform this procedure: pour the tomatoes in the jars with boiling water, stand 10 minutes, drain.
The same water again, bring to the boil again and pour for 5 minutes, the tomatoes.

Five minutes before the end of cooking our mixture (somewhere around 5 l of tomato juice), add citric acid or vinegar.

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Hot tomato juice is poured into the banks, roll, flip and wrap it up until cool.
I was left with about 1 l of juice Tomorrow (too late today) to add roasted bell pepper, onion, carrots and will have a beautiful salad for winter.

Try it! Help yourself!