Jelly cake with brownies

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Ingredients for Jelly cake with brownies

Step by step instruction of cooking Jelly cake with brownies

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1. gelatin is divided into two parts.
2. one portion(10g) soaked in 50ml water and leave to swell.
3. strawberry jelly diluted as written on the package,only water less than 50ml,pour into dish and leave to harden.
4. gelatin to warm up and mix with yogurt.
5. in the form of a spread brownies and cherries,pour the yogurt with gelatin,to give a little privatise,then pour the rest.
6. in smetana add sugar and mix well.
7. the remaining soak gelatin in 50ml water and leave to swell.
8. sour cream stir again.
9. frozen jelly cut into cubes and add to sour cream,mix well.
10. gelatin to warm up and mix with the sour cream,stir everything well.
11. for the frozen yoghurt,put the rest of the brownies and fill with sour cream.
12. put in the refrigerator until fully cured.
13. ready to turn on a dish and sprinkle with grated chocolate.
14. Bon appetit!

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