Charlotte from the beloved mother-in-law

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I have tried many recipes, but something did not go)))It will burn, watery... And mother-in-law is always so yummy! Took her recipe and - Oh, miracle happened)))

Ingredients for Charlotte from the beloved mother-in-law

Step by step instruction of cooking Charlotte from the beloved mother-in-law

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the eggs with the sugar placed in a container processor (or mixer)

Шаг 3

whisk until the mixture turns white and will not increase in 2 times

Шаг 4

while the processor is busy with business, I spread margarine(drain.oil) on the dishes without a border, I cut slices and put in the microwave

Шаг 5

after 2.5 min margarine melted

Шаг 6

poured into a Cup for the test weight from the combine

Шаг 7

add soda

Шаг 8


Шаг 9

pour a thin stream of margarine, mix

Шаг 10

fall asleep flour,

Шаг 11

stirring to avoid lumps

Шаг 12

the dough should be the consistency of thick cream (to stand a spoon in)

Шаг 13

apples are cleaned from skin and cut them, removing the core, small cubes

Шаг 14

Pour the apples into the batter, mix

Шаг 15

pour batter into the pan, pre-oiled (sunflower)

Шаг 16

put in the oven, heated to 60-70 degrees (I have gas)