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CHOUCROUTE - sauerkraut, sour cabbage (FR. ) the traditional dish of the Swiss or even the German-Swiss cuisine, so the German way is - SAUERKRAUT. In each Swiss Canton has its own nuances of cooking this dish: with the addition of white wine, dark beer or various spices, but some features remain unchanged: a traditional dish of the autumn-winter season, or rather, is prepared only in the cold season, as well, such as "fondue" and "raclette". The preparation technology is simple enough, although the dish is prepared at least two hours. Learn more about cooking in the recipe.

Ingredients for Choucroute

Step by step instruction of cooking Choucroute

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Essential products for "choucroute garnie".
Cabbage should be well "prakashana", the sausages are best used in pieces of fat.
All the meat used is raw-smoked.

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Peel the onions and cut into small pieces.
Warm up a large pan (you can use a saucepan with a thick bottom, such as "cauldron"), add the vegetable oil (very little, only that would not burn).
And here fry onion until light "it will turn brown".

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Cabbage a good squeeze of juice (if very sour - you can even rinse) and spread on top of onion;
add pepper and juniper berries;
pour dry white (but not sour) wine.
Liquid should not be too much and at the same time the cabbage needs to be, no matter how diluted it. If this amount of wine is not enough, you can add a little water.

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Spread on top of smoked meat and bacon;
after boiling, reduce the fire to minimum and simmer for about an hour with the lid closed.

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After an hour of stewing, add the cleaned raw potato, sausage, cover and simmer for about an hour.
If necessary, you can add a little liquid.
In the cabbage enough acid, so potatoes for such a long time fighting not to fall apart, and at the same time, it is well impregnated with the sauce in which it is quenched.

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After the time of quenching, cabbage, potatoes and sausage spread on a large platter (smoked for convenience, cut into 2-3 pieces) and served "sauerkraut" with beer or white wine.

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Bon appetit!
Guten Appetit!

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