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This is one of the most famous dishes in the Cajun (new Orleans) cuisine. Recipe from "a Collection of recipes - rice dishes".

Ingredients for Jambalaya

Step by step instruction of cooking Jambalaya

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In a large and deep frying pan for 5 minutes fry the chicken. We then sent the sausages and fry for another 3 minutes.

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Put in a pan onions, garlic, peppers, celery. Add black and Cayenne pepper, and salt. Cook on medium heat for about 3 minutes.

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Wash the rice under cold water. Give water to drain. And spread it on the pan. Stir and cook a couple of minutes.

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Pour chicken broth or water. Add the Bay leaf, stir, doselevel, if necessary. Bring to a boil, diminish the fire, cover with a lid. Cook for another 20 minutes.

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Add the sauce, stir and serve Jambalaya rice (or Jambalaya) to the table! Bon appetit!

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